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Actuator- Pneumatic actuator and Electric actuator with types of piston actuator, diaphragm actuator, linear actuators, electric quarter turn actuator,explosion proof linear actuator etc are correspondingly suited for operating ball, butterfly, plug valves,dampers and other 90 degree turn devices.
  • Dwyer LIN-E-AIRE Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuator

    Dwyer LIN-E-AIRE Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuatort6娱乐龙总99799b

    Lin-E-Aire Valve Actuators provide the ultimate in precision diaphragm motor control. These Dwyer LIN-E-AIRE Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuators are available in either air-to-lower or air-to-raise types. Both types feature easily accessible spring compression nuts permitting...

  • Series ACT Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

    Series ACT Pneumatic and Electric ActuatorsT6娱乐bd33net出词技术

    The W.E. Anderson Series ACT Actuators are available in either pneumatic or electric models. The wide range of torques and voltages means there is an actuator for almost any application. The standard ISO 5211 mounting configuration makes installation to any valve or damper...

  • Pneumatic rolling diaphragm actuator

    Pneumatic rolling diaphragm actuatort6娱乐手机客户端官方

    Pneumatic diaphragm actuator Fisher 3025 Sizes P462, P460-200, and P900 Diaphragm Actuator

  • Spring-return diaphragm rotary actuators

    Spring-return diaphragm rotary actuatorst6娱乐平台注册地址

    RTK pneumatic membrane actuator adopts multi spring structure, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, high reliability, convenient operation, more optional models, economical and wide application range.

  • Electric Linear Actuator--Industrial Linear Actuators

    Electric Linear Actuator--Industrial Linear Actuatorst6娱乐平台怎么样完整资料

    Linear electric actuators- Siemens Flowrite 599 Series Valve Actuators- Electronic * Air Handling Units * Central distribution * Boilers * Chillers

  • FISHER Baumann MV-1020 High Speed Linear ElectricActuator

    FISHER Baumann MV-1020 High Speed Linear ElectricActuatort6娱乐1956

    FISHER Baumann MV-1020 electronic modulating valve actuators feature state-of-the-art stepper motor technology to provide unrestricted, continuous modulation and exacting position control.Performance of these linear actuators rivals the power of our pneumatic diaphragm...

  • KEYSTONE F79U/E/D Pneumatic Piston Actuator

    KEYSTONE F79U/E/D Pneumatic Piston Actuatort6娱乐城客户端下载

    The KEYSTONE PENTAIR F79U/E/D pneumatic actuators double-acting (air to air) and single acting (spring reset), 90 ° pneumatic operation

  • PSL Electric Linear Actuators

    PSL Electric Linear ActuatorsT6娱乐 J嘉K蔻57577

    PSL, PSQ series electronic actuators can be used to pipe valves and throttle to adjust and control the open and close operation.

  • Electric Rotary Actuator--High Torque Rotary Actuator‎

    Electric Rotary Actuator--High Torque Rotary Actuator‎t6娱乐城客户端下载

    Electric rotary actuator PS-AMT electric part-turn actuator Product Code : 2014512144324/201451214571 Main features 1) The "core" of electric rotary actuator design, which makes more convenient debugging and flexibility 2) With using high performance 16 bit micro...

  • German PSQ Electrical Actuator

    German PSQ Electrical ActuatorT6娱乐龍总99799c

    Electrical Actuator German PSQ electrical actuator, PSQ 90°electric part-turn actuator, output torque:50Nm-700Nm, suitable for 90°rotary valve (i.e. ball valve, butterfly valve ) and throttle switch Product Code : 201451692642 Specification Servo amplifier PSAP4B Electronic...

  • Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators

    Rodless Electro-Mechanical ActuatorsT6娱乐 n总99799c

    Electromechanical Actuator PSL,PSQ mechanical actuator are with advantages of small volume, light weight, strong function, built-in intelligent controller, which are widely used valves, and the throttle pipeline switch control & regulation. Product code : 201451693021...

  • Electric Quarter Turn Actuator

    Electric Quarter Turn Actuatort6娱乐是什么意思

    PSQ part-turn actuator, PSQ electric quarter turn actuator, outpurtt torque: 50Nm-700Nm,it is suitable for 90°rotary valve (i.e. ball valve, butterfly valve) and throttle switch.

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